Thursday, June 23, 2011

Up in smoke

i stood between my lives
lit a smoke with one
and put it out with the other,
We burn until we burn...


  1. I stand between
    my beginning, my end
    in a game of chicken


    I've lit and scorched
    my own hand, my own flame
    in all but the scars


    You make me want to write poetry Manik. I kinda stink at it. So "regular". "Vanilla". I'm not much of an out of the box kinda girl, but you make me want to be. You make me wish I was better. You give me new glasses, and all the words swim in the lenses. I feel rearranged. Thank you!


  2. Annie,
    You flatter me..But i'll take it as long as it exchanges good things between us...I gave up writing few years ago.....and then i met aditya..and i felt you say you is not easy in our country to even think of anything not so mainstream as a desk job or a stable career.....but i wish and i hope we both might just defy that.....or it would be a waste of two lives...

  3. What a lovely story and a worthy longing. Are you a couple, married? You and Aditya? I don't mean to flatter for the sake of flattery. I really enjoy your poetry. I follow Aditya also. Fresh breath. I always look forward to it, as well as the conversation. May your talent grow into something lucrative for both of you!

  4. would be real amusing if he reads this..We are straight(he's a male if you might just have not noted that)...We are into women wholeheartedly....I'm a lone child of my parents ...But if ever a brother was more than blood to me..he would be it...