Monday, June 13, 2011


Clouds repose
waiting for the wind
to stitch them together
Little birds
homeward bound
fend smoke
Chimneys look up,
waiting for the rain
to wash their eyes
Trees look down
as if trying to move
blood in their heads..


  1. I was watching the clouds just yestarday. They looked like batting, and I was quilting them together with my if I had the power. I am enthralled by the notion chimneys looking up in search of rain. It's so exciting to read a phrase that will change the way you look something forever.

    I can see you laying in the tall grass on the pillow of your crossed arms, the sky a canopy with no ceiling.

  2. The wind is a joy leaping
    like soft ponies with babies
    on their backs sweeping everybody's
    porch clear and combing
    the sky full of stars.
    But by
    God !
    What would we really find
    if not
    for these metaphors
    which click well and then
    Arresting imagery one must
    say. Well
    another day or is it
    night(?) saved by another tree
    barking or is it
    the dog who waves his
    tail like a fish
    on my porch dirty as hell.

  3. Annie,
    Thank you for that wonderful image at the end..I have too recreated the way i will look at chimneys now...but i wish i don't have to...

    You are my better half..