Sunday, February 27, 2011

Non duality

If words could suffice,epics would have been constructed
but they wouldn't ,so, they are not
so sense this,once and for all,the ultimate truth

Look for me,in you
search for me,inside your soul
Find me residing in your heart


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Couldn’t Find Out

till a long time
had passed
couldn’t find anything
both sides of the road
were the same
everything was the same
the shops the restaurants
the railway bridge
the buildings
I sat down on the ground
on the dusty stone footpath
and wondered
where on earth did I live
where was my home
until my friend tapped me
on the shoulder
and pointed there
across the main road
you take that street
he said
then everything
came back into place
I recognized everything
often later I wondered
where did the world go
for those few moments
and my friend behaving
as though
nothing was amiss
and all he had to do
was point and say
and the world came back
and I could go home.

growing,amongst walls

she flowered into a woman
lying secretly naked behind gardened walls
as the moon hovered in
corners of the sky
with the shyest gaze

today she kicks around in her abode
little siblings of yesterdays,
lost in her heart
the memory of being alive
for death kissed her so slightly
she danced into its arms

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


The only losses in the rains
are snails  curled
waiting for death
which is running    late
from all the slippage.

Fever Tree

brown breaking leaves
not mine
burn the blue sky
who cares
for the grey buildings
almost gone
from my window
hanging from
my mind
unable to speak.

Illusions of Cal-de-sac

Head bowed down,eyes misty
all lanes closing down on me
is there any hope for resurrection?

The answer is given,it is sought
That thou art,That thou art
I have faith

bullet-in crows

strapped to triggers
every winner shoots,
at the ground

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Trying To Take

the greyness
out of the water
till it is colourless
at the end of land
where it merges with the sky that is grey

trying to take the greyness out of the sky
I travel in
a city of grey
like a photograph
that is probably not there.


there is wind
in the wings
of arboreal thieves,
the sun has fallen
like a stone