Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A casual poem

You stood there like an empty window and it was
too much to bear yes i saw you secretly
sweat a humid June poem   right there 
but i'll  stay mum   till i say hello

  and then? 

         and then?

 today in the city      everything is
                                                   skidding and wet
               (it is raining)

 and soon one grows sick of justifications
  and the logic  in particular   for ex.
    (who needs duckback shoes when you can stay in ..)
       clack  clack  clack
          you did and left
and now

i am left    alone      midnite

               making  gates

moving  in
              and out 
of you


  1. Mmmm. Lovely. I can't quite envision a scenario here...or at least not the one you are writing of, but I love the mind making gates. It is a lonely piece, but the gates...

    As you move through, something also comes.

  2. Thank you for reading the poems.
    I had gone home the week before. The opening stanza is what i found rolled under a rack- a cheeky fragment written on a rainy day around some two years ago. Such and such and you are thrown back to the past
    entirely .. So i completed it. And it was raining again !