Tuesday, February 22, 2011


The only losses in the rains
are snails  curled
waiting for death
which is running    late
from all the slippage.


  1. manik invited me to take a look and I think this poem is quite good. If it were part of my body of work I would be happy to take it out in any circle as representative of my best.

    I don't know if this is your first language or not but it is written so seamlessly that no one could tell.

  2. aditya,
    i think there are also the losses of someone dying too late....but then that only complements what you say...i wish water had better places to go...and i just hope that never happens..or death at high speed....well it is deadly for slow people like us....

  3. Christopher,

    Many thanks for dropping by, taking out time to read and leaving such a generous comment. Modesty permits any kind of appreciation no matter how small how big. When it comes to writing English is my first language.


    Your comment reminds me of something by Jean Paul Sartre. He had written - 'Dying is not easy.' Later he went on to say, 'Dying is not enough. You have to die in time.'

    Its not water alone that the death slips on. There are other things as well. Like snail corpses. Wet birth. Wet death.